Read these tips before deciding on a website hosting company

TIP 1 - Do not choose a website host based only on price!

When it comes to web hosting, price is never an indication of how well a website hosting company will perform - period.

The one sure way to determine the quality of the hosting company is to test their support: by email, phone, Instant Messenger (if available). I would suggest giving them a call. If nobody answers or you are put on hold for a long time, then be wary of hosting with them.

TIP 2 - Never Pay yearly

Avoid hosting companies that force you to pay your hosting fees annually. Why? In 12 months anything could go wrong, and usually you won't get your money back!

Instead, purchase website hosting on a month to month basis, with no locked-in contracts, that way you can move to another host if they go out of business (e.g. 95% of hosting companies go out of business within the first year) or don't provide the level of support/service you would expect.

TIP 3 - Uptime Guarantee

Steer away from website hosting companies that promise 100% uptime guarantee - this is impossible!

All website servers must be rebooted and maintained from time to time, leading to some minor downtime and this is normal. If a website hosting company claim they can deliver 100%, it is a sure sign that they are lying and cannot be trusted - avoid them at all costs!

TIP 4 - Domain Names

If a website hosting company offers to register a domain name of your choice for free or low cost when you order a hosting package, be sure to ask if they will register the domain in your name, not theirs.

Why? Because you are no longer in control of this domain if its in their name. This means if you wanted to move/point your domain to a different webhost the company might not do it or charge a high fee when it does not cost anything in the first place!

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