Web Page Site Design: Issues facing Web Designers

TIP 1 - Which Web Page design to use for your site?

Choosing a web page site design is not an easy task - there are so many things to consider such as what the site is about, who will typically visit the site, page layout, navigation, colours, etc. I've only mentioned a few factors for simplicity sake.

To get ideas on what your site design should be or could be, I would do a search for sites similar to yours in Google.com and visit each one. Save the home page or index page to your PC for every site you visit.

Are you beginning to see a pattern in the designs of each page? If so, you now have some idea of what your site should look like. Simple.

TIP 2 - Be Original in Your Web Page Design...

Now that you know how your web pages should be designed, don't simply copy one you like. I would make variations to how the site is navigated (ie, improve it), the border/heading/background colours and the main font for content/words. For example, navigation links at the top of the web page is better when you have fewer navigation links. This helps give the site a nice clean design.

Yes, it takes time and effort to re-design web pages but the advantage is knowing your site is unique among the dozens or hundreds of others on the Internet - this will pay off big time in the long term.

The one golden rule of web page design that should be followed at all times is to design your site for your visitors, customer, etc - can't stress this enough! Fail to do this and you risk frustrating and losing visitors big time - don't confuse them with poor web page site design.

How To
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