We look at the pros/cons of hiring a web design firm to build your small business website

Why hire a web design company in the first place?

If building a website for your small business is something you don't wish to do on your own nor have time for, then consider hiring the services of web designers. Depending on the type of website you need (ie, flash, multimedia, catalogue or simple text) the cost can range from affordable to expensive, especially for the small business owner working with a limited budget.

Web designers can build a website that's interactive, like a flash driven website, or just like a simple book, with an index of pages and other content. Obviously if you want a completely interactive website, development and design costs are going to be high. But is this what your small business really needs? That depends on what products or services your small business sells. Most small businesses only need a basic catalogue type website showcasing their products, in which case the web design, development costs are affordable.

Where does one find such affordable web design?

Start searching for web designers in your local area using the Google search engine. Go to google.com and enter the search phrase - "web designers" +yourtowncityname - where yourtowncityname is where you live. Why work with a local web design company, if available? So you can meet them face to face and explain exactly what you want in your business website.

Even if you have limited computer knowledge, its no longer necessary to hire the services of a web design company to build your small business website. Why? Because there are online web building tools that create your website in a snap - all you is provide the content or information. You might want to consider this route to creating your small business website and save bundles of money in the process. However, despite such website building tools many still prefer a web design firm to create the business website.

Benefits of Affordable Web Design...

The benefits of hiring a web design company to build your small business website outweigh the cost. Why? Because you can have a website made to your exact specifications, and thats something an online website building tool cannot provide because you are often limited to a webpage layout or style that every other small business is using.

How do you know the web design company you are considering hiring are competent enough to do the job? Thats simple. Just ask for contact information, website addresses of past clients. If they fail to provide such basic information, don't use them, even if their prices are extremely affordable, because you'll end up with a poorly made small business website.

HTML Code Of The Month

Note: Copy and paste the HTML code into Web Page Teacher to see how it works and what it can do for you. Create a web page with Web Page Teacher (Click here to download)

Symbol --On MouseOver Alert Box--

This code will open an alert box when your mouse moves over the link. This alert box will make a sound and display a small box with your message and an "OK" button. The box will close when the "OK" button is clicked.

This alert can be used to inform your visitors of a special event, news, or information.

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