Processing credit cards from your website is made easy with these turnkey solutions...

TIP 1 - How To Process Credit Cards Online

Let's say you have an idea for a website. After weeks of research, you have come to the conclusion that your idea will make you money on the Internet.

Building a website is not as difficult as it seems, and you can teach yourself, in the privacy of your home in 2008, with WebPage Teacher.

Once the website is finished and ready to be launched, the next thing you need to do is be able to accept credit cards online. Approximately 95% of transactions on the Internet are done by credit card. So, to make your website a success right from the start in 2006, you need to be able to process credit cards from your website.

Exactly how do I go about doing this?

Fortunately, there are numerous 3rd party credit card processors out there on the web who will handle this for you.

The great thing is you can sign-up for any one of these processors and be live, ready to take orders, within 24 hours. That's the beauty of the Internet.

Here's the list (keep this list handy, you never know when you might need this):

TIP 2 - Comprehensive Guide to 3rd Party Credit Card Processors

If you are new to selling on the web, be sure to read everything at this website to learn all you can about 3rd party credit card processors:

You'll learn which web credit card processing provider is best for your website - a must read!

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