What is Targeted Internet Marketing all about?

Simple. Its about building a website that targets a specific market or niche (i,e. special area of demand for a product or service).

Collectively, the Internet is made up of thousands of niche websites, and that figure is growing rapidly by the month.

Think of a niche website as a mini or micro website, designed to cover a very specific interest, hobby, product or service, etc. How you go about designing and developing such a website is crucial to its success.

Here are 3 Important Tips to keep in mind when creating a website designed to target a particular, specific market:

TIP 1 - Keep your webpages simple and clutter free

I can't stress this point enough!

Even in this age of broadband Internet, its still important to design your webpages as though ALL your site visitors were using dial-up. Why? Because we have limited time and we need to know what is important right NOW, not later.

I can recall countless times when I've hit the browser back button because a page took forever to load and I was interested only in the content, not all that fancy java, flash, etc. Stick to the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle and you can't go wrong!

TIP 2 - Provide Useful and beneficial Webpage Content, Information

Why? Well, remember that 95% of Internet users are searching for information, and not just any information, but information that will help them make a decision - give them the information they need to know and nothing else, unless images, flash, java, etc is absolutely necessary!

Provide above average content, tips, advice, etc, in your niche website and watch it soar in terms of visitor numbers and repeat visits.

Its simple really, just give visitors what you yourself would like to read or know more about!

TIP 3 - Use Readable Font Type, Size and Clear, Concise Paragraphs

Nothing turns me off from reading content on any niche website when I have to lean forward and squint...its downright annoying! Remember, its 25% more difficult to read from a computer screen than paper, so make it easy to read.

This means using an appropriate font type (Verdana is best for reading) and at a size thats easy to read from atleast ONE foot away.

Don't make the mistake of putting too many sentences in one huge paragraph because its tiring on scanning eyes. Try to use no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph and get to the point, ie, be clear, concise.

So, if you are building a website to target a specific Internet market just remember to apply the 3 tips above and you cannot go wrong - its the exact same approach I've used to create many such successful niche websites.

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