Are SEO Companies worth the price? We show you why they are not always the best choice...

TIP 1 - SEO Companies - To Hire or Not to Hire?

There are lots of SEO companies around the world who promise to get your website top 10 rankings in the major search engines. An SEO company may indeed get your website ranked high for your preferred search phrases, but at what price? The majority of seo companies charge huge sums of money upfront and ongoing maintenance fees - this can easily add up to thousands of dollars.

Sure, if you have a big budget and limited time, hiring an seo company makes sense, but is it really necessary? For the small business owner looking to put their business on the web, I'd say no. Why? The next two tips below will explain why...

TIP 2 - Search Engines change constantly...

A strategy used by one seo company to position your website in the top 10 of any search engine may work great for several months but be totally ineffective several months later. Why? Because search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc are constantly tweaking their search algorithms. One month your site may show on the first page, then appear on page 5 the next month.

So what to do? Don't try to keep one step ahead of the search engine algorithms. It is a waste of time when what you should be doing is focusing on adding great content to your website - forget about using the latest and greatest SEO tactic, etc.

Search engines like Google are getting better at recognizing good content webpages and prefer to rank such pages highly, so stick to the basics and produce great content. In the long term you won't be disappointed.

TIP 3 - What SEO companies probably won't advise you to do

The majority of SEO companies will advise you that the best thing to do is optimise all webpages for a certain keyword density (ie, use the keyword or keyword phrase a specified number of times in the webpage), but from experience this is the wrong move because search engines are always changing.

By far the best thing to do is produce content that your website visitor will find valuable, and ONLY use the chosen keyword phrase WHEN it makes sense to use it - don't get caught using the keyword in every paragraph or sentence because this is not natural.

Of course, the basics of SEO still apply, like using your keyword in the title, first heading, etc, but don't overdo it or your ranking will suffer in today's search engine environment. And like I said before, only use it where it makes sense to use that keyword. Follow this golden rule and you'll never again need worry about search engine optimization.

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