Here is something that's going to completely change the way you build backlinks...

See, Andy Fletcher - the brains behind the hugely successful Digi series of SEO plugins, WP Syndicator and the DigiResults affiliate network - is giving away his secrets.

He's just released a video course and free report that explains exactly how he builds backlinks... and you might find the result pretty surprising.

You'll discover:

- The 2 mistakes most marketers make that halve the effectiveness of their backlinks

- Why concentrating on high-PR links means you're missing a lot of action (and it's a lesson that comes from Mr. Henry Ford)

- The best type of site to build links on (you see them all the time, but a lot of marketers ignore them!)

And it's all absolutely FREE. Check out the first part of the video course here:

Watch Part 1 of Backlinking Video - Free! (And grab your free report too)

I have no idea what's got into him... but I'm not complaining!

To your success,

Les Pinczi -

P.S. Don't worry about it being technical just because it's based on high-level knowledge - Andy's report keeps it really simple and to-the-point.

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