Most multiple domain web hosting accounts come with FTP, but not all companies offering web hosting accounts are the same...

TIP 1 - What is Multiple Domain Web Hosting and why do You need it?

Multiple domain web hosting allows you to host more than one website in your hosting account. Typically, most hosting account plans allow only one website. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is usually included as standard with such hosting accounts - if this is not offered then look for another hosting company that offers FTP.

Multiple domain web hosting accounts are cheaper, in the long run, when you host more than 5 websites. Hosting one website may cost you anywhere between $2-$10 month, depending on space/bandwidth requirements.

A multiple domain web hosting account start from $15 month and go up. Also, hosting all your domains in one hosting account will make managing your websites much easier.

TIP 2 - What To Look for In Multiple Domain Web Hosting?

There are thousands of hosting companies offering multiple domain web hosting. All offer very similar hosting plans and prices vary from cheap to expensive.

Instead of focusing solely on price/features, find a multiple domain web hosting company that offers top notch support - both online and offline - and can guarantee that your website will stay up on the Internet (ie, better than 99.5% uptime).

Choosing a host based on price alone is not a good idea - trust me - I've been there and the downtime and lack of support is not worthwhile.

TIP 3 - I Need Multiple Domain Web Hosting.. Who Do You Recommend?

Ok, so you have decided that multiple domain web hosting with FTP access is for you - which hosting company do you recommend?


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