Are HTML software design tools right for you?

HTML Design Tools - Who for?

Some people can build a website from scratch using HTML, while others cannot. If you fall into the latter group, then you need html design tools like Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or HomePage. Such programs allow you to design your website pages graphically, without knowing any HTML.

Usually when you move from manual HTML code programs like WebPage Teacher (WebPage Teacher) to graphically-assisted HTML design tools like the ones mentioned above, you do lose alot of the control of your site in order to make everything faster and easier to manage.

For the beginner Webmaster...

HTML design tools like Dreamweaver make it so easy for beginner webmasters to build a simple site - within hours of using the software and without any knowledge of HTML.

This approach to website building is fine if your websites are simple in design and you are on a tight schedule to get your website up on the Internet.

Medium to Advanced Level Webmasters...

Webmasters at this level prefer to edit HTML template pages to fine tune and tweak the design to their exact requirements. This is hard to do using a graphically-assisted design tool, since customization of the HTML code is necessary.

So when the design and layout of the webpage is more complex, graphically-assisted programs can only go so far. This is where knowledge of HTML is most beneficial because it means you can shape the webpage into whatever design you like - another reason to learn HTML at some point in your webmaster career!

How To
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