If you own a website then you know the importance of backlinks (i.e. getting other sites to link to you) to get higher search engine rankings and therefore people visiting your site. So where do you get backlinks from? Here are 3 ways to get backlinks.

Add Value To Your Site

Probably the best way to get other websites linking to your site is by adding value. What do I mean? Add something of value, such as a free report, 'how to' video, well-researched articles, custom software, etc.

Offer something that no other website has and you'll get many sites linking to you, automatically, without having to ask them - that is guaranteed! These are the best type of links in my opinion.

Article Marketing

Another way to get links to your site is by writing a 400-800 word article and getting that article published in directories such as ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com.

Write a 'how to' or tips article on a subject you are interested in, then include the link to your site in the 'About Author' at the end of the article.

If your article is good it will be picked up by other webmasters looking for content to add to their sites. So you don't like writing? Then use an outsourcing service such as elance.com to get the article written for you.

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