3 things you should know before using free webpage templates

Why Free Webpage Templates?

Free webpage templates make it fast and easy to setup a webpage or entire website. All you do is open a webpage template file using your favourite web editing software, then enter your information, graphics, etc - its too easy! This is the reason why free webpage templates are so popular.

Before using free webpage templates, consider the following:

Webpage template files distributed freely around the Internet end up being used by thousands of websites. What this means is that there are many websites out there that look very similar. If you really want your webpage to stand out from the crowd, you'll need to modify or significantly change the free webpage template.

If your website is your business, then using free webpage templates is a poor choice. Why? Because the bulk of free webpage templates look cheaply made and non-professional. You don't want to convey such an image to your business customers, do you? Using free webpage templates can end up hurting your business website.

Also, be aware that mose free webpage templates were designed or optimised to look good for one or two web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Ideally you should test the free webpage template file across a number of popular web browsers to make certain everything appears correct.

Conclusion about Free Webpage Templates...

For Business websites: Unless you make changes to the template file and test it in various web browsers, forget about using them altogether. Better still, hire a professional web designer to create a unique set of webpage templates - it will pay off in the long run.

For other websites: Whether or not to use free webpage templates is a decision only you can make. If you want your website up and running quick and don't mind if it does not look original to other sites, then free webpage templates are for you!

HTML Code Of The Month

Note: Copy and paste the HTML code into Web Page Teacher to see how it works and what it can do for you. Create a web page with Web Page Teacher (Click here to download)

Symbol --META TAG No Cache--

Does the contents of your web page change a few times every week? If so, you want visitors who use your site to be able to read the updated information.

To fetch a new web page from your website every time, use the code below (simply copy/paste where all the other META tags go):

How To
        Make A Web Page

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