Its simple to design a web site online with SBI (Site Build It!)

Advantages of designing a website online

If you are a complete novice in designing websites and could not be bothered learning HTML to create your website from scratch, then we recommend you design a web site online using SBI (Site Build It!).

The biggest advantage in designing a website online is the short learning curve. All you do is feed the headings, paragraphs and graphics into the online design tool, set the font, size, colours, image position, etc, then watch your website come alive. There is no need to learn any HTML codes or other technical stuff - its all done automatically!

Anyone who can press keys on a keyboard and use a computer mouse is qualified to design a website online right now - yes, its that simple!

So, if you are in a hurry to get your very own website on the Internet, but don't have a clue how to or have no desire to fork out thousands of dollars for a professional website designer, then an online website builder like SBI! is what you need.

By far the best online website design service...

Hands down, SBI! is one of the best online website builders you'll find on the Internet.

Why? Because SBI! has a unique point and click interface that assists you in designing websites that look professional but without the extrodinary cost. The majority of other online website builders output cheap looking websites that all look the same.

Also, SBI! registers your domain name of choice (ie, and does all the background work in setting up your website account that is tedious to do manually.

To learn more about SBI! and how to design a web site online, we suggest you click the link below:

Quick Tour Slide Show of SBI!

A fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works
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HTML Code Of The Month

Note: Copy and paste the HTML code into Web Page Teacher to see how it works and what it can do for you. Create a web page with Web Page Teacher (Click here to download)

Symbol --Prevent Your Site From Being Framed--

If your website is framed, then nobody will see your in the browser address box, only the website who framed you - this can lead to confusion, especially when bookmarking or saving your website to the favourites folder.

If your webpage is framed by another site, this HTML code opens a new browser window when someone clicks a link on your webpage, showing your site without frames!

How To
        Make A Web Page

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