Designing your own website is easy when you know exactly what to do!

Why Design Your Own Website?

I must admit its far easier to hire a reputable web designer to create your first website, but in the process you have lost the opportunity to understand how websites are made. This can end up costing you big in the long term because it costs money to add new webpages or modify existing ones.

For example, if you wish to publish a newsletter on your website or other fresh content on a regular basis, then you are at the mercy of the web designer to deliver the completed webpage on time. There are numerous other issues with hiring a web designer that I won't go into here.

As you can sense already, understanding how to design your own website is the best option for most people.

Design Your own website at a fraction of the cost...

Learning to design your own website is easy, even for the beginner - but only with the right tools for the job.

That's where Web Page Teacher comes in. Web Page Teacher provides all you need to know on how to build a website that everyone will think was created by professional web designers.

There are more than 50 easy to follow, step by step, interactive lessons on how to design your webpages, so even beginner webmasters can start to build webpages in hours, not days!

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HTML Code Of The Month

Note: Copy and paste the HTML code into Web Page Teacher to see how it works and what it can do for you. Create a web page with Web Page Teacher (Click here to download)

Symbol --Open A New Window With A Link--

Appears as a clickable link in your webpage. You must rename the 'yourwebpage.htm' part to an actual webpage you want to show in a new window.

You can also set the height and width of the new window when the link is clicked, and whether or not scrollbars appear, etc.

How To
        Make A Web Page

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