Before you purchase or register ANY domain name for your new website, read these tips first...

TIP 1 - Domain Name Search

With thousands of people registering domain names every day, its getting harder to find the domain name you want.

There are a number of domain name generator sites out there that allow you to input keywords (relating to your new website, ie, pet birds) and search for available domain names using a combination of words related to your keyword.

This is a great time saver and you'll usually find domain names you never thought of before that are perfect for your site.

Go to

TIP 2 - Do some Domain Name Checking first...

Ok, so you've found the domain name you want to buy, now what?

Before you register any domain name, always check if the domain was registered previously and if that domain name has been penalised by search engines or used by email spammers - otherwise you are going be facing an uphill battle getting your new site indexed by the search engines.

So how does one check any domain for such penalties? Use the WAYBACK Machine located at

Its free to use and saves you from registering domains that are penalised.

TIP 3 - Where to purchase Domain Names...

There are numerous domain name registrars on the Internet. The price per domain per year can vary enormously from registrar to registrar.

Domain registration is cheap these days and you should not be paying any more than $9 domain per year, that includes all the domain extensions like .info, .biz, etc.

I like using for all my domain registrations and searches. Its cheap at only $7.92 per year for all domain extensions and comes with a control panel where you can easily manage all your domains.

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