Create a web page with GIF or JPEG image format? Which one is best?

So, you want to create a web page with images/graphics, etc. Which graphic format should you use when you create a web page? That depends.
When you create a web page with your company logo, your logo should be converted to GIF format. Why? Because the GIF format is very small in size, so your web pages will load very quick. Logos don't use lots of colors, and GIF is perfect for this.
However, if you intend to create a web page that consists of photos of people, objects, etc - then the JPEG format is best. Convert all your photos to this format, because you won't lose picture quality and the graphic files will be of small-medium size.
Whenever you create a web page, you'll end up using both GIF and JPEG. Don't make the mistake when you create a web page to use only one format because as we have already discussed, both graphic formats serve different purposes.