Want to make your web page load faster? Read this...

To make a web page load quickly, there are several things you should NOT do.
Firstly, avoid large, slow loading graphics when you make a web page. Also, using too many graphics on the one web page is not good.
Secondly, avoid using too many animated graphics when you make a web page. Animated graphics are fine if used sparingly throughout your web pages, but using too many not only slows down how fast your web pages load, they will annoy and distract your site visitors too.
Fourthly, don't make a web page that is too large, ie, greater than 50kb in file size. Instead, split this one web page into two smaller web pages of 25kb each, so each web page will load quick.
Always consider these tips on how to make a web page load faster because if a page takes too long to load, your site visitor might not wait around.