Should I create a web page and use Java?

Once you create a web page, its tempting to add all sorts of technology to spruce up your web page, like Java, usually Java applets.
However, before you add Java applets (small programs that run in your web browser) to your web page, ask yourself this question: Why did I create this web page? What is its purpose? Will Java complement the web page?
When you create a web page, don't add Java to it because you think its cool - I guarantee this will annoy a fair percentage of people visiting your site.
Why? Because of compatibility issues with all the different web browsers out there. Just because it works perfectly on your computer and browser, does not mean it will be the same for everyone else. When you create a web page, keep this in mind.
So, when you create a web page, should you use Java applets? Usually, the answer is no. I'd recommend not to.